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Our Wish List for the Adobe Chapel
Main Chapel
  • Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the City and Port of San Diego. We hope to acquire the loan of this most historic item. Funds are needed for her conservation.
Reproductions to be made in need of sponsorship
  • Two bells and cross bar including the Santa Maria Magdalena bell, 1738, the first in California brought by Father Serra in 1769
  • Painting of the Most Holy Mother of Light
  • Painting of San Diego de Alcala, patron saint of the Mission
  • Very large painting of the Last Judgment
  • Cristo Grande
  • Large Santo San Juan Bautista
  • Santo Archangel San Miguel
  • Santo Archangel San Rafael
  • Santo Angel on a Cloud
  • Six large and twelve 12 small silver candlesticks
  • Altar cloths
  • Period flower vases
  • Period style or antique wax, shell and other artificial flowers
Side Chapel
  • Santo Archangel San Gabriel
  • Santo Dolores
  • Santo Ecce Homo
  • Santo San Diego de Alcala
  • Hammered copper baptismal font first in California brought from Baja by Father Serra
  • Altar to be reproduced
  • Six silver candlesticks
  • Altar cloth
  • Period Flower Vases
  • Period style wax and other artificial flowers
  • Muslin ceiling cloth
  • China Trade red leather, floral painted, camphor wood chest
  • Vestment Chest
  • Vestments
  • Holy vessels
  • Muslin ceiling cloth
Other Items
  • Portable sound system
  • Circa 1850s table

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