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Student Film Submission Guidelines

For student film projects, a proposal must be submitted before any filming will be considered, and at least 4 weeks in advance. The proposal submission form will require as much information as possible about the planned production, including:

  • A letter from the professor or teacher stating that you are completing an assigned project
  • A description of the production, including the name and the subject matter covered (i.e., historical aspect, the supernatural, etc.)
  • Where and when it will be broadcast or shown
  • Date, time, and duration location will be used
  • A description of equipment (cameras, sound equipment, etc.) that will be used
  • A List of participants and their titles and responsibilities

Please read through all criteria before submitting a proposal.

We do not usually charge a fee beyond normal admission prices for student projects, provided that the completion of the project does not interfere with museum operations. Students wishing to complete their project when the museum is closed to the public will be charged regular Private Tour rates.

The student shall take out and keep in full force and effect through the term of the agreement, general liability insurance including without limitation contractual liability insurance and tenants legal liability insurance, against claims of personal injury, bodily injury including death, property damage or loss arising out of the operations of the student in, upon or about the museum grounds to the combined limit as may be reasonably required by SOHO from time to time, but in any case, of not less than two million dollars ($2,000,000) in total coverage. SOHO shall be named as an additional insured (and be provided a certificate) on this policy but only with respect to claims arising out of activities of the student as described in this agreement. Such policy of insurance shall include a cross-liability and/or severability of interest clause protecting SOHO and its officers, agents and employees, against claims by the student as if SOHO were separately insured and protecting the student against claims by SOHO as if the student were separately insured.

A Media Agreement/Contract must be signed by both parties. Agreement includes but is not limited to the following conditions:

  • The assurance of the protection of the building and its artifacts is first and foremost to any proposal
  • No major set construction or alteration of buildings will be permitted
  • Production must not hinder museum operations or prevent the public from visiting the museum during normal operating hours
  • A program script must be submitted prior to the commencement of filming so that SOHO can ascertain that such filming will not damage the reputation or image of the museum
  • No special effects are permitted on the premises unless previously approved in writing and initialed.
  • No vehicles are allowed on the premises
  • Student must obtain all necessary permits and conform to all municipal codes.
  • Two or more SOHO staff members must accompany the student's crew and staff while inside the Whaley House at all times
  • Student agrees to use special care and consideration to prevent damage to said property and will indemnify and hold harmless Save Our Heritage Organisation and the County of San Diego from and against any and all damage and liability for injury to or death of persons from damage of or destruction of property. Student will be responsible for all property damage caused by operations at the site
  • Activities, areas of use, dates and times of filming, will not be modified without express approval of Save Our Heritage Organisation
  • Areas of student use are to be kept continually free of trash, litter, etc., and are to be maintained in a safe manner. Cables, dolly track, and other potential hazards are to be shielded. Floors and walkways will be protected from excessive dirt or liquid. Landscaped areas are to be undisturbed
  • No overnight storage of equipment or supplies unless previously approved in writing and initialed
  • No smoking permitted anywhere on property
  • No gum, food or drink is permitted in the interior of the property
  • No séances, Ouija boards, channeling, exorcisms, or table tipping are permitted anywhere on the premises. Spiritualists, psychics or paranormal experts must be approved
  • No artifacts, furniture, or belongings of the museum are to be touched, moved, or altered in any way
  • Museum furniture in any room cannot be sat upon, leaned on, or used as props in any way
  • Only the pews in the courtroom and chairs in the theater may be sat upon; however, they must not be moved

Make your Student Film Proposal submission HERE.


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