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The Whaley House Museum Shop is haunted-with the specter of books about ghosts that is! Here you will find books about the Whaley House itself and about many other famous and not-so-famous haunted places, as well as books on how to hunt for ghosts, haunted cemeteries, and fictional ghost stories. We even carry ghost-hunting kits! Whether you are a skeptic or a full-fledged Ghost Hunter, you are sure to find just the right book to keep you up at night.

Haunted Whaley House II book cover

Haunted Whaley House ll
Robert Wlodarski & Anne Wlodarski

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America's Most Haunted House book cover

The Whaley House
America's Most Haunted House
By Mike Bryant

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Breverton's book cover

Breverton's Phantasmagoria
A Compendium of Monsters, Myths and Legends
By Terry Breverton

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Ghost Hunters' Toolkit book cover

Ghost Hunters' Toolkit
True Encounters with the World Beyond
By Dinah Roseberry

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Ghosts in the House book cover

Ghosts in the House!
By Kazuno Kohara

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Haunted Cemeteries book cover

Haunted Cemeteries
Creepy Crypts, Spine-Tingling Spirits, and Midnight Mayhem
By Tom Ogden

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Haunted Hollywood book cover

Haunted Hollywood
Tinseltown Terrors, Filmdom Phantoms, and Movieland Mayhem
By Tom Ogden

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Haunted Love book cover

Haunted Love
Tales of Ghostly Soulmates, Spooky Suitors, and Eternal Love
By Chris Gonsalves

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History & Mystery of the Whaley House book cover

History & Mystery of the Whaley House
By Dean Glass

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Thinning the Herd book cover

Thinning the Herd
Tales of the Weirdly Departed
By Cynthia Ceilan

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Unlucky Stiffs book cover

Unlucky Stiffs
New Tales of the Weirdly Departed
By Cynthia Ceilan

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