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Squire Ensworth's Letters to Mr. Whaley


February 14, 1863

Enclosed herewith you will find a photograph of Miss Sarah Ensworth, the only surviving sister of the subscriber - (Father, Mother, Brothers & sisters - all save this dear one are dead) Living in the city of Detroit, Michigan.

A.S. Ensworth to Thomas Whaley, February 21, 1865
Sisters of Charity Hospital, Los Angeles

Dear Sir:

Your kind letter of the 9th inst. was received by last steamer and I should have sent you in reply by her when she returned, but she went some day before she advertised to start - leaving me an object of mistaken confidence in a newspaper advertisement. Think I can say with confidence that I am slowly improving and hope soon to be around, altho I shall be entirely ruined for running races or herding sheep. Hereafter my locomotion will have to be accomplished with a crutch. When walking the toes of my left foot only reach the ground. It may be from use, the limb will be elongated somewhat. But better in that situation than in strict confinement, and it is better perhaps, to receive the affliction towards the latter end of life than to have received it in my younger days. It is a divine blessing that, no matter how heavy the blows of affliction, our minds are so constituted that we are ever ready to draw consolation by contrasting our present misery with that which might have befallen us. I think daily of the story made more familiar to my boyhood by the best of schoolbooks, the "English Readers" much in use in my young days, of the Christian resignation of the old gentlemen under an attack of the gout and gravel at the same time, who thanked God they were not accompanied by any other disease. Let us praise God for the blessings we enjoy! Like everything we never sufficiently appreciate his blessings until we have lost them. You kindly say: Please tell me if you are in need of anything? Yes, my dear sir, I am in most grievous want, but I am fearful you cannot assist me, altho I do not doubt your desire to do so. If only you could send me a sound and strong leg, (including the knee and ankle, fat and plump, to correspond in appearance and usefulness with my right leg), you would give me a great favor; but one of bone, flesh, and blood - none of your wooden or elastic fixings. Otherwise than this, at present I am not particularly in need of anything, but give to Mrs. Whaley and yourself many thanks for your thoughtful attention of me in my afflictions-in my last letter I wrote you that I had sued Lassator and attached his property for the debt he was owing us. It now turns out, that before the suit was commenced, Lassator, on his way home from the mines, was murdered for what little money he had with him, altho' this way not known at the time suit was commenced, as you cannot attach the property of, or sue a dead man, and his estate going into administration the probability is we would have received next to nothing had not McCoy got the debt secured. Hays has recd a letter from McCoy who says that under instructions from Mr. Morse to settle the demands without attaching if possible he took Kimball's note (son in law of Lassator) secured by some collateral (accounts against Jaeger the payment of which is guaranteed in writing by Hinton.) So think we are in luck. Cave J. Couts, in the Plaza of San Diego, the other day, killed a man by the name of Mendoza with a double barrel shot gun Couts is out on $15,000 bail. From what Morse and others write me, Mendoza, formerly, had been Major Domo for Couts.


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