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Squire Ensworth's Letters to Mr. Whaley

May, 1860

San Diego
May 4, 1860

Mr. Thos Whaley
San Francisco

Dr. Sir:

Your little letter of 7 pages was rec'd by last Steamer & I have this morning again reread it.

As to the house, Mr. Doyle will most probably vacate it in 2 or 3 weeks. Thru me the rent is now due and to which I have requested his attention and he promises a draft. As to renting it again to a desirable tenant, the prospects are dull. The fact is, everything in town has dried up. Sunday all week long. Everything looks nice and clean about the premises and is in apple pie order, with the exception of two glasses out of the front doors below, most probably out when you left. Wall tells me he replaced the piece of brick machine, as he agreed as near as I could make out the things you designate are in the yard. I did not go on the inside of the house - Doyle's wife is there. I have had the scales dug up out of the dirt, ... and have taken in about $30 -will send you a remittance probably by next steamer.

San Diego, Ca.
May 22, 1860

Mr. Whaley

Yours of May 17 is rec'd.

I intended to send you up about $70 (Money rec'd for weighing) but under your instructions in the letter rec'd this morning I shall retain it to pay your taxes.

Since reading your letter, I have seen Mr. Doyle & he says he can't inform me if he will go up or not, until he reads his letters - I will see him again before closing this.

Hinton is in town, also Saxton & Hauck. In a day or two they will go out to divide the cattle. I will ask him to write to you.

P. S. At the 11th hour D. has given me a draft/payment up to May 16th for $160.00 - He is not going up - I herewith inclose the draft. D yet occupies the house.

A. S. Ensworth

San Diego, Ca.
May 30, 1860

Mr. Whaley

My dear Sir:

Please send me 14,000 red shingles (sawed), sheathing on which to nail the shingles. The House is to be 32 ft. long - 18 ft. wide & a 6ft. Gallery on one side - From this make the calculation, if you please, of the amount of sheathing wanted, & ship by first sail vessel - also 50 lbs. of shingle nails. I want these articles for my own use, being about to build a house on a piece of public land - not able to live in town much longer.

As yet have not got the coin to pay the $72 but hope to do so soon.

If there is never to be a real sail vessel, of course ship on the steamer - I am owing you about $50 on private acct. but have no money - poco tempor poco tempo.

Yours Etc.
A. S. Ensworth

P. S. I have made arrangements with Capt. Wilcox (who has just come in as I finished my letter) to pay the bill for my lumber & therefore when you ship the shingles etc. present the bill to Hartshorne and he will pay it, as I am now writing to him to do so.


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